Google anounced new Gmail Lab feature(Video Chat Enhancements)


Google recently announced that they added a new lab feature related to Video chat in Gmail.
The users who are using video chat in gmail will have more features soon.

As a result and to test the feature they released (VIDEO CHAT ENHANCEMENTS) lab feature.
Visit the Gmail Labs tab under Settings, turn on "Video chat enhancements," and right away, you'll see higher resolution video and a bigger video chat window.
this new feature uses a new mechanism which enables wide-screen VGA and frees up valuable resources on your computer.
Note : Both you and the person you're chatting with will need to have the lab turned on. Remember that you can always revert to standard video chat by disabling the lab.

Here is a basic example of video enhancement feature.


Apple iOS 4.1 Update will be available from 8th september

Apple UK website has announced officially about the availability of the new iOS 4.1 for its Apple iPhone range.iOS 4 works with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.
The iOS 4.1 is the major update to the iOS 4. The Apple iOS 4.1 major features include HD video uploads over WiFi, Game center, new iTunes, Remote wipe and HDR photography to name a few.
Bug fixes include solutions for the, Bluetooth, iPhone 3G performance and proximity sensor issue.
This version also offers few additional features like Multitasking,Even better Mail,Wireless keyboard support, iBooks(ebook reader) ,TV show rentals.



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